Gift Basket #3

Gift Basket #3
$60.00 each

Time for Tea!
Our St Patrick's Day Gift baskets are ready, with a variety of candy, biscuits, or teas and biscuit baskets, are a great gift you yourself or to a loved one.

Bring back the lovely feeling of Ireland with these tradition family favorite candy, biscuits, and Tea and Biscuit baskets.

You can also order any personalized size baskets by emailing us or giving us a call.

  • 3 X Nestle Aero Milk
  • 3 X Mars Maltesers Bag
  • 3 X Mars Bounty Milk Choc
  • 3 X Nestle Fruit Pastilles Rolls
  • 3 X Nestle Munchies
  • 3 X Nestle Lion Bar
  • 3 X Mars Bars
  • 3 X Nestle Fruit Gums Sachet


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