Clan Badge - Framed Walnut

Clan Badge - Framed Walnut
$70.00 each

Our custom made solid 1" wood frame with a green and gold matte beautifully frames the full color rendition of the Clan Badge. Full color print of the Badge of your Clan Chief Includes the Clan name, and motto.

The crest of your Clan Chief, encircled within the traditional strap and buckle bearing the chief’s motto or slogan. These items have been carefully researched using the most recognized historical sources. The images have been computer drawn according to heraldic standards, and the final product is printed onto a sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" parch-tone paper and shipped flat.  Frame dimensions are 11" x 14".

Scottish clansmen would traditionally wear a badge depicting the crest of their chief, in order to show their loyalty to the Clan. Clansmen consisted of both "native men," who had a direct blood relationship with their chief, as well as any others who had sought the protection of the clan. Today, a chief can accept or deny whom he wants to allow into the Clan. Most Clans will accept anyone who will offer their allegiance, in addition to the the traditional Septs and affliliations.


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