Canterbury Goblet

Canterbuty Goblet
Canterbuty GobletCanterbuty Goblet
$90.00 each

Standing at 5 1/2' tall we are proud to present the Canterbury Goblet, as featured in the HBO series 'Game of Thrones', made from the finest British Pewter. This goblet features intricate detailing including a scolloped body and hand finished with a polishing gleam. One of our most popular goblets can be seen in the HBO hit series Game of Thrones. A truly incredible piece of craftsmanship.

The A.E. Williams family have been making Pewter since 1779. Present family members are members of the Worshipful Company of Pewterers, as were their forebears and Freeman of The City of London.

Being established since 1779 AE Williams have inherited through generations the largest collection of Antique Moulds in the World and the skills to recreate the past for the modern day. With history acquired with these moulds, AE Williams can claim roots to the earliest known Pewterers who first used them in 1602, less than 100 metres away from where AE Williams currently work.

One of the large plate (charger) moulds currently in use dates back to 1729. Within the collection many moulds even predate Henry V111, but sadly due to their age have now been placed into retirement, securing their place in Pewter history.

AE Williams continue to produce hand cast traditional Pewter ware and with the addition of a modern pewter Gift Range, collections now have an unrivalled choice of Pewter each piece handmade with care. AE Williams play a large role in producing Eco-friendly products. All of the Pewter used comes from Virgin Tin, Copper and antimony. After completion of the products all of the remaining pewter is 100% recycled, eliminating any waste. It is also important to reduce the carbon footprint.