Bands Of Gold 50th Anniversary - 8x10 Photo Blessing

Bands Of Gold 50th Anniversary - 8x10 Photo Blessing
$50.00 each

This 8 x 10 inch blessing comes printed on an ivory paper card stock. The photo opening holds a 4x6 inch photograph. The forest green matte has been hand embossed with a Celtic knot work embellishment. The frame is a dark walnut wood frame of Italian design with both an easel and a hanger for display.

A precious band of gold was placed
Some fifty years ago
Upon two hearts of tender years
Who vowed their love would grow.
The gold was not within the ring,
Nor in their faces fair,
It wasn’t in their youth or charm,
But in the love they shared.
The gold was there for them to spend
When silver coins were rare,
It didn’t buy them more to have,
But taught them how to share.
They spent it on a loving look,
On patience, kindness, trust;
They spent it on the kinds of things
That cannot wilt or rust.
And the wonder of this band of gold,
If you can comprehend,
Each time they used their gift of love,
There was that much more
to spend.
It bought them trust, it bought them hope,
A tender hand to hold
It bought a blessed and lovely thing,
A marriage carved in gold.

A personalized message can also be included at no extra cost, and will appear underneath the original text. For example: To my darling Megan. Love Grandma. Please note that we may have to resize or reformat the text to accommodate your personal message. We make every attempt to format the text so that is as visually appealing as possible.

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